Andrea Gattafoni
Paola Salvesi
Piero Di Mascia
Monica Gattafoni
The brand MARY ATKINS  is manufactured and distributed by calzaturificio
GADIS s.n.c. Which arises from the idea of 4 young entrepreneurs
born and raised in the footwear industry.
The company has roots dating from the late 60's when parents began to make shoes
MARY ATKINS and since then have worked to make this product always innovative, comfortable and fashionable, transmitting these values to their children who have formed with their respective spouses, the footwear GADIS.
Even today, these shoes are designed and manufactured with the same love and the dedication of a time.
A young and dynamic team that takes care of the shoe at each stage of the production line, operating at first hand in the production department and administration, monitoring every step from raw material until dispatch of the final product.
  Creations after several quality checks are in the market a unique and exclusive product.
MARY ATKINS brand, distributed only in Italy, over the years has spread in Europe and North America. Over the years these designs have been particularly appreciated in the market of former Soviet republics and Eastern Europe for high quality and the search for innovative materials.
Footwear GADIS, on request, also produced jewel sandals with accessories 24K GOLD rubies and diamonds.
Also, the creations MARY ATKINS have marched at prestigious events linked to high fashion in Milan and Russian.
GADIS S.r.l. P. IVA: 01909720441